The T24 system is a false ceiling made up of lowered panels lean on a 24mm wide T-shaped structure.

This system is an economic and easy to install solution: no tools are required for assembly or disassembly, as the panels are placed on the support structure. Access to the plenum above is therefore simple and very quick.

The ease of disassembly allows for maximum flexibility in repositioning the panels, for example to reconfigure the room or to insert lighting bodies or other systems.
The cleaning of the ceiling is also quick.
The metal panels combine the typical functionality of modular ceilings with ease of cleaning and an elegant and modern look.


It is possible to request the T24 System panels in several versions:

  • R9-A90: 9 mm lowered tiles with sharp edges
  • R15-A90: 15 mm lowered tiles with sharp edges
  • R9-A45: 9 mm lowered tiles with bevelled edges
  • R15-A45: 15 mm lowered tiles with bevelled edges

Main advantages

  • This solution allows easy and quick access to the technical compartment above the false ceiling;
  • The panels can be easily disassembled and cleaned;
  • The system allows easy repositioning of the panels to change the layout of the rooms;
  • The panels can be made in an acoustic version with micro-perforated sheet metal and TNT acoustic fleece (non-woven fabric).



Sharp edges 90 degrees or bevelled edge 45 degrees

Blind or perforated panels


  • Aluminum 0.5mm – 1,40 kg/sqm
  • Aluminum 0.6mm – 1,70 kg/sqm
  • Aluminum 0.7mm – 2,00 kg/sqm
  • Steel 0.5mm – 4,00 kg/sqm
  • Steel 0.6mm – 4,80 kg/sqm

* Theoretical weights for standard unperforated tiles

Color collection

These panels are available in three material categories:

  • Pre-painted sheet
  • Post-powder coated sheet
  • Pre-plasticized sheet

Standard color table is shown below. Other colors can be made on customer request or on specific sample.

Pre-painted and powder painted steel

RAL 9001

RAL 9003

RAL 9010

RAL 9005

RAL 9006

PVC coated steel


Light grey

Medium grey

Dark grey


Anti Microbic


The false ceiling panels can be supplied in solid sheet metal or, if there are specific aesthetic or functional needs, also in perforated sheet metal.

Where necessary a non-wovens sound absorbing layer can be applied.

This material has several advantages:

  • Effective sound absorption
  • Easy installation
  • No negative effects on architecture
  • Low bulk volume
  • Environmental compatibility thanks to no harmful substances being used
  • Non-flammable

Areas of use

These panel ceilings are suitable for many different uses such as:

  • Airports, metro, bus and railway stations;
  • Recreational and accommodation facilities;
  • Public spaces;
  • Health and school buildings.