TRE C operates with responsibility, integrity and in compliance with regulations. It wants to ensure a safe, healthy and fair work environment, protecting the wildlife, maintaining a positive relationship with communities and high ethical standards.
The company firmly believes in the importance of continuous training and professional updating and therefore takes care of all aspects concerning the training of human resources.
TRE C considers sustainability as a long-term strategic approach, aimed at finding a balance between commercial opportunities and social, economic and environmental responsibilities.
Efforts to use increasingly efficient technologies and environmentally friendly materials are made with respect for nature and promote the commitment to safeguard and improve people’s lives.
TRE C has obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certification with RINA Spa relating to: Production of metal panels, walls and false ceilings.
TRE C has chosen to take the path of safety and high quality using only certified raw materials.
All products are subjected to continuous checks in the company and by international certification bodies.

Quality policy

TRE C wants to provide customers with products and services that comply with the agreed requirements and are suitable to meet their needs at the lowest cost and with the highest possible efficiency.

Purpose of ISO 9001:2015 quality certification:
Production of metal panels, walls and false ceilings.
The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all staff and management responsibilities, through the application of an effective quality system according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
To achieve the goal of the required quality, the company has adopted the following policies:

  • Compliance with national and international regulations in force;
  • Obtaining the required quality levels and on schedule;
  • No compromise on product safety;
  • Prevention of inconveniences;
  • Awareness, training and continuous updating of personnel at all levels also through the planning of training interventions through the annual training plan issued following the management review.

The management reviews the quality system at a minimum annual frequency and in any case following each internal inspection. It is on this occasion that the management, considering the values ​​obtained by the key indicators, implements new actions for the continuous improvement of the system and to increase the satisfaction of its customers.

TRE C spreads its quality policy to staff and external collaborators at every level in the company and through the company website. The task of ensuring and verifying the application and suitability of the quality system is entrusted to the Quality System Manager, who has been entrusted with specific authority and responsibility.


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