The CLIP-IN ceiling system consists of metal panels supported by a hidden modular structure designed for use in cleanrooms and hospitals. The system guarantees excellent flatness of surfaces, maximum flexibility of use and durability of the product. The smooth surface of the panels joined together continuously reduces the points where dirt could accumulate and facilitates cleaning.

Main advantages

  • Impermeability to the passage of dust
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Flexibility and ease of assembly
  • It’s possible to inspect the compartment above in case of maintenance
  • It’s possible to perform any drilling during production for the passage of cables or pipes.
  • Can be integrated with lamps, filters or speakers

Color collection

Clip-in ceiling system panels are available in three material categories:

  • Pre-painted sheet
  • Post-powder coated sheet
  • Pre-plasticized sheet

The standard color table is shown below. Other colors can be made on customer request or on specific sample.

Pre-painted and powder painted steel

RAL 9001

RAL 9003

RAL 9010

RAL 9005

RAL 9006

PVC coated steel


Light grey

Medium grey

Dark grey


Anti Microbic

CLIP-IN accessories

The system provides a complete choice of accessories to allow quick assembly of the panels.

Slotted Uprofile 30/60

Item: W / PU100
Length: 4 m bars
Material: Galvanized steel

The profile is used to create the primary structure of the false ceiling.

CLIP-IN profile

Item: W / PS100
Length: 4 m bars
Material: Galvanized steel

It constitutes the secondary structure of the false ceiling, to which the sheet metal panels are attached.

U profilesuspension

Item: W/MORS100
Material: Steel


Item: W/SOPS100
Material: Steel

U-shapedprofile sub-joint

Item: W/SGPU100
Material: Steel

CLIP-INprofile sub-joint

Item: W/SGPS100
Material: Steel

Wall bracket

Item: W/SM100
Material: Steel

CLIP-INquick bracket

Item: W/SRPS100
Material: Steel

Threaded rod M6

Item: W/BF100
Length: 1000 mm
Material: Steel

M6 anchor

Item: W/TS100
Material: Brass

M6 armaturebracket

Item: W/SB100
Material: Steel


Item: W/PEND100
Material: Steel

M6 nipple

Item: W / NU100
Material: Brass

M6 union nipple for threaded rod.

Adjustable u-shapedprofile support bracket

Item: W / SNU100
Material: Steel

Allows micrometric adjustment of the height of the false ceiling.


Item: W/SNL100
Material: Steel