We produce custom-made metal ceilings, which combine excellent aesthetics with the peculiarity of allowing the creation of space to insert service facilities (ventilation, lighting, fire prevention and much more). Depending on the version, the false ceilings can improve the acoustics of the room, reducing its noise, or help to insulate it thermally.


Our metal ceilings are available in a range of standard RAL finishes or special upon request. In addition to the non-catalog colors, it is possible to decorate the panels with digital printing solutions.

Wiring and ceiling lights in a single solution

The suspended modular panels can be easily removed and the space above remains open for inspection. In the event of new needs, the customer can quickly reconfigure the false ceiling.


Metal false ceilings offer different acoustic solutions with more or less high levels of sound absorption. Slats and perforated panels boast the best levels of sound absorption, which can be further increased with the addition of special thermo-adhesive sound-absorbing mats and sheets.

Fire reaction

Metal ceilings are generally classified as non-combustible materials, meaning they do not contribute to the spread of fire. This is due to the fact that metal is a material that does not burn and does not release smoke or toxic gases in the event of a fire.

The reaction to fire of metal ceilings is generally classified as class A1, the highest class. This means that metal ceilings do not participate in combustion and do not emit dangerous substances in the event of a fire.

Metal ceilings with class A1 fire reaction are the ideal solution for environments where high fire protection is required. For example, metal ceilings are often used in public buildings, such as schools, hospitals and cinemas.

It is important to note that a material’s reaction to fire is only one factor to consider when choosing a ceiling. Other factors to consider include design, acoustic and thermal performance.


Given the ease of cleaning and washing, the metal false ceiling has obvious benefits also in terms of hygiene. The painted surface of the panels does not undergo alterations due to humidity or dirt and is therefore the ideal solution for environments such as hospitals, offices, shops, showrooms and airports.