False ceiling systems

Custom made. Are suitable for specific applications in the marine or hospital field.

Soundproofing cabins

Are used to attenuate the noise emissions of particularly noisy systems and equipment.

Insulating panels

We are specialized in the production of sheet metal panels, made with flexible and cutting-edge plants.


Polyurethane foam injection, thixotropic gaskets production and prototype construction.

TRE C is specialized in the production of insulating panels and sheet metal components.

We are specialized in the production of custom made sheet metal panels. We use flexible and cutting-edge systems.
The panels can be insulated with polyurethane, mineral wool, sheet foam and much more.

The panels are produced on an automatic line that allows the continuous cutting and folding of the panels without intermediate handling and without the need for manual operations.
The high automation allows to obtain custom-made panels (width, length and thickness) with a low incidence of setups (times and therefore costs) for product change and high precision (narrow dimensional tolerances). The aesthetics of the product is also clearly superior to discontinuous cutting and bending solutions since the semi-finished products do not have to be stored and then moved between the processing stages.
Using our line it is possible to produce panels from very small (250 mm in length) up to very large, i.e. over 3 meters. The qualitative result is excellent regardless of the size of the piece.

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