Custom made Sandwich panels, consisting of two sheet metal boxes assembled one inside the other. Insulation obtained by injection of polyurethane with an average density of 40-45 kg / m^3.
Possibility of making various holes according to drawing for the subsequent application of handles, hinges, portholes…


  • Uniform and continuous thermal insulation on the whole panel
  • Acoustic insulation – the sandwich structure of the panels (sheet / polyurethane / sheet metal) and the high density of the foam ensure good sound insulation performance
  • High resistance and durability guaranteed by the panel structure made with containment sheets
  • Aesthetic result – a wide range of colors and surface finishes always allows you to obtain the desired final effect
  • Cost containment – the use of pre-finished panels prevents the customer from investing in expensive machinery for sheet metal processing and foaming

Some possible applications

  • Refrigeration appliances
  • Air handling units HVAC
  • Industrial plants

Technical features

  • Available versions: SIMPLE type sandwich panel – STEP type sandwich panel
  • Dimensions: Up to 3000 × 1500 mm
  • Panel thickness: Standard 23-25-40-46-60 mm. On request up to 100 mm
  • Sheet thickness: From 0,5 to 1,5 mm
  • Materials: Galvanized sheet, plasticized / pre-painted, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Average Foam Density: 40-45 kg / m^3
  • Fire reaction: Class B s3, D0 [UNI EN 13501-1]