The TRE C Corridor Hook-on system is a modular metal false ceiling ideal for corridors and transit areas.
It offers a modern and functional aesthetic, with a wide range of panels and finishes to suit any architectural style.

The Hook-on Corridor TRE C panel is designed to make removal and installation operations as easy as possible.

  • Quick and effortless removal: The panel can be dismantled easily, without the need for special tools or specific technical skills. This allows you to quickly access the inside of the system for maintenance, modifications or replacements.
  • Tilting movement: the panel can be tilted, further facilitating access to the internal space. This feature is particularly useful for operations that require a large opening, such as installing components or maintaining systems.

Main advantages

  • Time saving: The ease of removal and installation of the panel allows you to optimize working times
  • Greater efficiency: Quick and simple access to the system allows you to intervene promptly on any malfunctions or failures of the systems
  • Greater flexibility: The tilting panel design offers greater flexibility in space management, adapting to different operational needs.
  • Reduced maintenance: The panels are resistant and easy to clean, ensuring long life.
  • Acoustics: The system can be integrated with the acoustic veil or with sound-absorbing panels to improve the acoustics of the environment.
  • Accessories: a wide range of accessories is available to complete the system, such as frames, joint profiles and ceiling lights.
  • Possibility to perform any drilling during production for the passage of cables, systems or for the installation of ceiling devices
  • Can be integrated with lamps, diffusers and much more
  • Blade length: from 1000 to 3000 mm
  • Blade width: 300 – 400 mm


  • Corridors: The Corridor Hook-on system is ideal for corridors in school buildings, hospitals, offices and other public buildings.
  • Bathrooms: The system is moisture resistant and easy to clean, making it ideal for bathrooms and toilets.
  • Services: The system can be used in any environment that requires a resistant and functional false ceiling.

Color collection

Metal Ceiling Panels: Elegance and Customization for Every Environment

Metal ceilings are a modern and versatile solution for interior design, combining aesthetics and functionality. Among the different options available, metal panels stand out for their elegance and refinement, adding a touch of class to any environment.

Wide Range of Standard Finishes

To meet the most diverse needs, we offer a wide range of standard finishes for our metal ceiling panels. From classic and sober finishes to more modern and sought-after ones, you can choose the solution that best suits your style and taste.


The false ceiling panels can be supplied in solid sheet metal or, if there are specific aesthetic or functional needs, also in perforated sheet metal.

Where necessary a non-wovens sound absorbing layer can be applied.

This material has several advantages:

  • Effective sound absorption
  • Easy installation
  • No negative effects on architecture
  • Low bulk volume
  • Environmental compatibility thanks to no harmful substances being used
  • Non-flammable
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