In May 2019 TRE C started an innovative production plant for thixotropic polyurethane gaskets. The gaskets are deposited on the products by an automatic mixing head installed on an anthropomorphic robot. The robot can create seals of any shape on the pieces and by varying the amount of product poured by the dispenser it is possible to obtain seals with a wide range of sections.
Gasketing technology is a micro casting process dedicated to the automatic production of foamed gaskets on site (FIP). The main markets for this type of gasket are: automotive industry, electrical cabinets, panels for industrial plants and HVAC.
The TRE C robotic production plant makes high quality gaskets with excellent repeatability of the result.
Main advantages of thixotropic gaskets:

  • Reduction of the overall cost of the part (manual operations for applying seals are avoided)
  • Maximum process flexibility in case of change of characteristics / dimensions of the pieces to be produced and of the desired gasket section