In January 2020, went into production the new SALVAGNINI line, which allows to automatically obtain parts up to 3200 mm in length, sequentially carrying out multiple up or down bends, radiused bends and folded bends.
Fully electric system: ensures a high and constant quality of the finished product, with minimum energy consumption per piece produced.

  • Materials: it is possible to work galvanized, pre-painted, and pre-plasticized material, as well as stainless steel and aluminum with thicknesses up to 2.5mm.
  • Unit batch and quick set-up: the automatic setup of the machinery (without manual intervention by the operator) makes it possible to produce batches with many different codes with low unit numbers as if they were all the same pieces.
  • Intelligent control software: ability to identify the yield stress of the material and to compensate for its variations through the appropriate calculation of the bending trajectories.
  • Programming suite integrated with the design: the system is fully interfaced at the software level with the programming suite of the technical office. It is possible to create the program and simulate the different bending phases in 3D, speeding up prototyping times and eliminating errors.