Sound-absorbing baffles are modules characterized by a ceiling installation in a vertical suspended position.
Both faces of the panels are thus exposed to direct sound waves, with a significant increase in sound absorption performance.
The baffles are normally arranged in parallel rows, with spacing to be determined according to the acoustic results to be obtained.
The installation method (panels placed in vertical suspension), allows to significantly increase the sound-absorbing surface of the rooms compared to the covering of the perimeter surfaces only.
This type of product is also often identified as a double-sided or double-absorbing sound-absorbing panel.


  • EFFECTIVENESS – High acoustic efficiency, guaranteed by the sound-absorbing material with high density and porosity;
  • EASY INSTALLATION – only 2 anchor points for each panel. Ceiling installation is possible with tie rods or metal guides;
  • DURABILITY – sturdy construction, unalterable over time in all conditions of thermal exposure.
  • INCOMBUSTIBILITY – the product guarantees the best fire reaction performance obtainable on the market. Class A1 standard EN 13501-1
  • FUNCTIONALITY – The baffle installation method does not create shields with respect to the free circulation of air in the volumes of the rooms and therefore does not require the modification of the systems already present in the rooms.

Uses of baffles


The use of baffles is indicated when the noise of industrial plants is high or it is not possible to eliminate the noise directly at the source (acoustically isolating the individual machines).
The sound-absorbing baffles allow to reduce the reverberated acoustic component, i.e. to reduce the amount of noise that is reflected from the surfaces increasing the total noise level of the environment.
In particular, the Baffles allow to reduce the reverberation in industrial warehouses, production and packaging lines in every field.

Collective spaces

Sound absorbing baffles are the optimal solution for the acoustic correction of:

  • multipurpose rooms;
  • meeting rooms and auditorium;
  • sports facilities, gyms, swimming pools;
  • canteens and refectories;
  • exhibition and museum spaces;
  • large buildings.

These panels, thanks to the diffraction principle combined with the sound absorption by porosity of the surfaces, allow to obtain substantial acoustic abatements, with a net reduction of the T30 – T60 values of the reverberation time.

Color collection

Sound absorbing baffles are available in:

  • Galvanized steel;
  • Pre-painted steel;
  • Powder coated steel;
  • Pre-plasticized steel.

The standard color table is shown below. Other colors can be made on customer request or on specific sample.

Pre-painted and powder coated steel

RAL 9001

RAL 9003

RAL 9010

RAL 9005

RAL 9006

PVC coated steel


Light grey

Medium grey

Dark grey


Anti Microbic